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  Popularization of science and creativity education for youth is one of the key areas of work of the Association. Over the years, we have organized different kinds of creative science activities such as training workshops, study tours and science competitions through which the student can progress with their study and develop with further knowledge attainment. We have also worked with the media to seek to promate the “spirit of science creativity” to every corner of the society through different medium including newspapers, magazines, television etc.



Key Activities of Popularization of Science and Creativity

  1. Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Contest for Teenagers
  2. Hong Kong Youth 3D Animation Competition
  3. Adolescents Robotics Contest
  4. China Adolescents Science Technology Invention Contest
  5. “Little Scientists of Tomorrow” Reward Scheme
  6. Taiwan International Science Fair
  7. Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
  8. The Mentorship Scheme for the Scientifically and Technologically Gifted
  9. Inventors of Tomorrow Training Program
  10. Development and Support Program for the Exceptionally Gifted Students Student Training
  11. China Technology Study Tour
  12. Science and Creativity Workshop
  13. Science Talks