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Introduction of sub-organizations

Hong Kong New Generation Friends (“Newgen Friends”for short) was established by a group of Hong Kong participants in “My Motherland—Beijing-Hong Kong Students Exchange Camp 1994”.“Newgen Friends”conducts all kinds of activities every year, including community service, interchange activity, civic education and fellowship activity, etc. Since 1996,“Newgen Friends”organized jointly with our association a series of “My Motherland”brand activities every year, making the students from Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Nanjing eat, live and participate in activities together. Since 2002, “Newgen Friends” organized “New Generation Civic Ambassadors Training and Promotion Program”with our association which enabled the participants to have a more thorough understanding to citizen rights and citizen responsibilities.

Hong Kong Tertiary Student Forum (“HKTSF” for short) was established by a group of students from different universities and colleges in 1996. Activities hold by“HKTSF”included study tours, seminar, forum, and workshop, etc. “Mainland Exchange Study Program for Tertiary Students”which was organized together by“HKTSF”and our association from 2002 to 2004 made the tertiary students know firsthand about the enterprise culture of motherland and get better preparation for work after graduation. Since 2006, for strengthening young students’ sense of belonging towards our country and nation,“HKTSF”hold “Tsinghua University National Education Program for Future Leaders”together with our society every year. This activity has become an annual brand event of“HKTSF”

Hong Kong New Pulse (“New Pulse” for short), a non-profit youth think-tank dealing with on-the-job youth, middle class and college students, was established in 1998. Activities it holds include “Young Political Talents Training Program”, “Commentators Training Program, and Exam Training Course for Administrative Officer/Executive Officer”, “Policy and Current Events Seminar”. All of these activities are offered for training the young people who want to participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs, and for playing a role in the cultivation of future management talents. Besides, sometimes New Pulse published news commentary essay in newspapers on discussing, analyzing, and giving opinion on the government policy and hot spots of society.

Hong Kong Science & Creativity Society (“Science & Creativity Society” for short) was established in 2002. The posts of directors are held by headmasters and teachers who are willing to popularize science and creativity education. On one hand, “Science & Creativity Society” provides value-added opportunity for the directors. On the other hand, it provides lectures on science popularization, creative workshop, training lecture and so on with Science Innovation Centre of our association for strengthening support to elementary and secondary school.

Hong Kong Science Talent Society (“Science Talent Society”), found by award-winners who participated in “China Youth Science Talent Contest”, was established in 1998. “Science Talent Society” has organized many “Hong Kong Middle Students Science Quiz Competition”. Its directors acted as preliminary judges for scientific contests hold by Science Innovation Centre of our association, and took part in scientific personnel training of Hong Kong such as accompanied with Hong Kong Delegation to the contests as Coach and represented our Science Innovation Centre to attend competitions and exhibitions around the world.

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Hong Kong Future Leaders (“Tsinghua Alumni Association” for short) was established in 2009 by the former members of “Tsinghua University National Education Program for Future Leaders”. Tsinghua Alumni Association enhanced the connection between all the alumni members by holding learner gathering, organized study programs in mainland or “High-level National Education Workshop” in order to make the members grasp the pulse of the development of our country, invited professors who had given lessons in “Tsinghua University National Education Program for Future Leaders” to hold “National Situations Seminar” for consolidating the national knowledge of the members, and held national situation seminars for all sectors of the society, popularized national education, paid back to society.

Hong Kong Liberal Studies Organization was established in May 2009 as a registered charitable organization by a group of principals and teachers from kindergarten, primary and seconday schools with a view to promoting Liberal Studies Education. This organization will provide professional training programme and related assistance services to school teachers. This can not only enhance their professional development in career, but also the quality of education and learning of Liberal Studies.

Established in 2012, the Hong Kong Prospective Teachers’ Association (the “HKPTA”) is comprised of a number of enthusiastic prospective teachers and young teachers with an aim to provide targeted teacher training and support to prospective teachers (including students of Education Faculty and undergraduates who wish to join the teaching profession) and young teachers. The HKPTA also provides a platform for experienced teachers as well as prospective teachers and young teachers to share opinions so as to improve the professional quality of the latter.