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       Forty years ago, a group of visionary scholars launched the "Student Times" magazine, with the aim of providing healthy reading materials for young people at the time.  With the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong looming, the organization was renamed "Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association" in 1986, making it one of leading pioneers of youth education services in Hong Kong.  Ever since, we have been upholding our mission in nurturing great talents for Hong Kong, creating opportunities for our young people to develop their potentials and at the same time helping them to form a deeper understanding and passion for our nation and culture.  As the chairman of the association, it is my great honour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of New Generation with you all.

      Over the past 40 years, New Generation has committed to help young people to build a more positive and caring spirit to both themselves and to society by providing them with a wide range of services that allow our youths to put their ideas into practice. Throughout these years, our association has grown and flourished, we continue to nurture our talents, meet the demands of society, with our service targets expanding from kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary students to teachers and prospective teachers. What makes us proud and successful is not the awards or the accolades that we have received, it is the "New Genners" that have stood by us throughout these years. Among them are stoic and motivation students, highly respected teachers, outstanding talents and elites from all walks of life. Their continual support of our association has greatly contributed in the making of a better future for both Hong Kong and our country. I sincerely express my deepest gratitude to all members and friends of New Generation. Without your generous support, our association will not be able to thrive and unite as we are today, and be able to serve the needs of our community of tomorrow.

      As the Chinese proverb says, "one has no further doubts at the age of forty", New Generation will continue to provide a wide range of services to our members and meets the demands of our society,  no matter what difficulties or adversities lay ahead, we will uphold our motto: "Vision, Innovation, Erudition, Responsibility". We truly hope to receive the continual support and encouragement from everyone of you in the coming years.

Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association
Dr. Cheng Lee-ming Chairman