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Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association is a government-approved public charity organization. It used to be the “Student Times” Magazine which was first established in 1974. Since its inception, we have always uphold the principle of “ Vision, innovation, erudition and responsibility”, committed to offering multiple activities and services to the educational field of Hong Kong, in order to provide opportunities for the youth to cultivate and develop themselves, to gradually build a positive outlook on life and the spirit of caring for the whole society, and to become well-informed new generation rooted in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, for nurturing the young people and teachers’ sense of belonging and responsibility to the country and nation, we also initiate, create conditions for young students and teachers to understand and concern our motherland, to comprehend and carry forward the Chinese culture.

“Rooted in Hong Kong and caring for the motherland” is the principle of the national education promoted by us. We have been advocating that the young generation of Hong Kong should understand and care for their motherland in all respects. Since 1987, we had organized more than 100 activities including exchange tours, national education, training and experience tours in the Mainland. The young people have been provided with a chance to set foot on the Mainland and experience the development and changes of the country through these activities.

As Liberal Studies becomes a compulsory part of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum this year, we have been seeking to promote liberal studies activities through different themes and a variety of interesting methods which enable the students to get hold of different areas of knowledge and broaden their perspective. Our Association begins to organize a series of programs aiming at giving comprehensive and most up-to-date support to principals and teachers in this new area of education in our secondary schools.

We have increased the leadership ability of the young people in all respects and provided guidance for young leaders through various types of activities including courses, seminars, workshops, competitions, etc.

Our association’s aim is to promote science popularization and creativity education for youth. We have organized different kinds of creative science activities such as training workshops, study tours and science competitions through which the student can progress with their study and develop with further knowledge attainment.

We host a number of training plans and study tours on the theme of national education for front-line teachers, set up websites for national education, collect teachers’ teaching notes into books, etc. for the educators sharing, so as to enhance Hong Kong teachers’ understanding of the nation from all aspects.

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