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  Liberal studies education aims to inspire students to think from multiple angles and to enhance their problem-solving skills through investigation and analysis of different kinds of issues in order to achieve the objective of “all rounded education”. We have been seeking to promote liberal studies activities through different themes and a variety of interesting methods which enable the students to get hold of different areas of knowledge and broaden their perspective. As Liberal Studies becomes a compulsory part of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum this year, our Association begins to organize a series of programs aiming at giving comprehensive and most up-to-date support to principals and teachers in this new area of education in our secondary schools.


Key Activities of Liberal Studies Education

  1. Tsinghua University Liberal Studies (National Education) Cultivation Program for Teachers
  2. Liberal Studies Classroom – Pearl River Delta Study Tour
  3. New Generation Civic Ambassadors Training and Promotion Program
  4. Project Symposium